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A Texas-based Consulting Firm specializing in a wide range of SWPPP planning of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Archer-Morgan Consultanting, LLC. (AMC) was established by regulatory professionals in environmental sciences. The founders have used their experience and contacts to create a company with a unique perspective. Our professionals have seen environmental regulation from the inside and understand the intricacies and implementation of environmental rules and regulations. We have seen the burdensome effect of over-regulation and the positive results of partnerships with the regulatory community. We know how to maintain compliance, avoid enforcement and negotiate agreements.

We understand the history of Texas and its’ fragile ecosystems. Our exclusive staff has witnessed firsthand the uncontrolled growth of Houston and the environmental problems that are associated with it. AMC is equipped to assist the public and private industry in solving these environmental challenges.

AMC believes in a one on one approach with our clients. Your questions, concerns and satisfaction are very important to us. Our job is completed only when the client is 100% satisfied.

Call us with your questions; we love to show off our expertise. Initial consultations are always free. Thank you for considering Archer-Morgan Consulting, LLC.


An USA based practice covering SWPPP architecture, planning and implementating design in all major sectors, we make sure all projects meet stringent compliance and lawful regulations.

SWPPP Consulting Services 100%
Residential & Custom Home Builder Projects 100%
Compliance & Certifications 100%
Environmental Planning & Consulting 97%
Commercial & Government Projects 70%
Workforce Management & On-Site Services 95%


Working with clients to develop the best solutions to ensure your project meets all regulatory compliance, we strive to find innovative ways to save time, minimize risk and stay within your budget.


Comprehensive residential and commercial project engineering for SWPPP Compliance and construction process analysis.


We study the feasibility with our field investigations, consulting projects through the steps for compliance and minimizing any foreseeable regulatory risks.


Management of job site for compliance and implementation of all up to date industry methods, BMP and monitoring procedures in accordance with state regulations.


We are committed to upholding our core company values with every project and task we commit to for all our clients.

We look forward to meeting your team and learning how we can better serve our community through your project. Join our growing client list today as we are honored to deliver our utmost customer care with your development projects.